construction inspection- nysta three bridges


Construction Management & Inspection


LKB’s construction staff has the insight and experience to provide the entire range of construction management and inspection services necessary to represent our clients' interests before, during and after project construction.

LKB provides management from the pre-construction phase through the post construction phase of each project. We utilize our knowledge and experience to successfully complete assignments on time and within budget, maintaining a full-time presence on-site during construction operations, with a staff of qualified construction professionals.

Services include detailed inspection, on-site field testing of materials and other construction activities, including field measurement and collection of data, submission of monthly and final estimates and progress reports, and preparation of record plans showing all changes from the contract plans. The construction management/inspection services include overseeing all construction operations and the placement of work zone traffic control. In addition, our staff is proficient in record keeping and reporting, maintaining constant communication with all stakeholders.

LKB is committed to maintaining a safe working environment by focusing on safety as a top priority for the entire duration of every project. We have a long history of exceptional safety records on our construction inspection projects. This success has been accomplished by promoting and enforcing safety on the job site at all times.

Our engineers, project managers, and NICET-certified inspectors are experienced specialists familiar with the dynamic nature of all construction programs.

Featured Experts

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