LKB Then

The origins of Lockwood, Kessler & Bartlett, Inc. trace back to the year 1889, which rested between the American Civil War and World War I, where the primary means of short-distance transportation was achieved by using a horse and carriage, North Dakota became the 39th state, and Benjamin Harrison was the 23rd President of the United States.

It was during this year that Thomas Lockwood established a small Brooklyn-based engineering business. Success and growth allowed Lockwood to take on a partner in 1900, Cletus Kessler, to manage the engineering and drafting section of the company. While business progressed and advances were being made, Fredrick Bartlett had established his own small surveying business in the 1890’s, working closely over the years with Lockwood and Kessler.

During the Great Depression, Mr. Lockwood retired and sold his interest in the company to Fredrick’s son, Ford Bartlett (1934). Although many medium-sized firms throughout the nation closed their doors for good, Bartlett and Kessler maintained operations and successfully incorporated their company, Lockwood, Kessler & Bartlett, Inc. (LKB).

LKB surged through and continued operations by working for federal agencies, most notably the Public Works Administration. During this time, LKB also became involved in local public works agencies on Long Island, an example being the Long Island State Park Commission. Services offered at LKB were predominantly civil engineering, surveying, and mapping.

LKB Today

While the company’s initial focus was on land surveying, our capabilities have expanded into related disciplines. In 2021, LKB was acquired by The Vertex Companies, LLC (VERTEX) with the goal of expanding our geographical reach and to further diversify services to the private sector. Today, with our multi-talented and diverse team of professionals, including technicians, drafters, engineers, scientists, managers, and inspectors, we continue to offer a wide variety of services, allowing us to satisfy clients’ expectations and project requirements: from the early stages of a project, such as feasibility studies, design studies, and reports; through the final design phase and contract plans; to the completion of a project, by providing construction support, administration and inspection services.

We have developed strong relationships with many local municipalities, as well as other public and private clients, currently serving as consultants for individual assignments, as well as providing On-Call consulting services as needed for many of their professional engineering and construction management needs.

Having such a deep history of success in engineering motivates us to continue the work of the great men that started our business over a century ago. The majority of our current staff have been employed with LKB for over 20 years, many even for over 30 years. There are unique bonds shared between many of LKB’s employees who have experienced the advancements, changes, and developments of the field in these recent decades together.

It gives the company great pride to stand on such a strong foundation. We are especially mindful of our past as we look forward to continued success in the advancing world of engineering.