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Transportation Engineering

LKB has consistently provided engineering solutions to our clients to improve the quality and efficiency of various transportation systems. We provide sustainable and economical designs to support infrastructure within our communities.


Civil/Site Development/Landscape Architecture

LKB’s multi-disciplinary staff has extensive experience in providing expert, comprehensive design services for the evaluation, planning, and design of streets, roads, bridges, parks, and other site development projects.


Electrical & Mechanical Engineering

LKB has extensive experience in high and medium voltage substation design, transformer replacement and rehabilitation, generator installation for emergency backup power, and electrical power distribution systems.


Structural Engineering

LKB’s expertise includes structural engineering inspections, structural analysis and evaluation, as well as structural design and construction support services for major structures.


Bridge Design

LKB provides professional, comprehensive bridge design services, ranging from basic maintenance to rehabilitation, replacement, and new bridges for various types of bridge structures.


Environmental Engineering & Sciences

LKB’s environmental group performs a variety of environmental services, including preparation of environmental impact statements and assessments, design reports, permits and siting studies, and assistance to clients in negotiations with regulatory agencies.


Construction Management & Inspection

LKB’s construction staff has the insight and experience to provide the entire range of construction management and inspection services necessary to represent our clients' interests before, during and after project construction.


Vertex Services

Additional Services

LKB, along with the Vertex Companies, offers an expanded and robust portfolio of services which include Forensic, Engineering, Environmental, Fire Protection, and Construction Management solutions for a wide variety of projects that span the globe.