Structural Engineering


LKB’s expertise includes structural engineering inspections, structural analysis and evaluation, as well as structural design and construction support services for major structures.

Our structural engineers have knowledge of various types of structures including bridges, buildings, culverts, retaining walls, marine bulkheading, docks, and utility poles.

LKB handles all aspects of structural design and construction projects. Our expertise includes engineering inspection, analysis and evaluation, preparing design reports, preliminary design through final design, construction support services, as well as construction management and inspection.

The LKB team has a wealth of knowledge and experience in bulkhead design, with some of this work being recognized as award-winning engineering in our region. Additionally, LKB has analyzed hundreds of existing transmission and communication poles and towers, designed new wood and steel poles and prepared plans for tower retrofits for various cell carriers.

The majority of LKB’s projects require the integration of our broad range of experience and expertise. Our structural group often works with the civil, environmental, electrical, and construction inspection staff to provide optimal results for our clients.

Featured Expert

Tim Viani Structural Engineer