Atlantic Beach Bridge

About this Project

LKB was retained by the Nassau County Bridge Authority to provide structural and electrical engineering design services as well as construction support services and construction inspection. The goal of this project was to construct a platform and relocate an existing unit substation onto it to prevent damage from future high-water events.

LKB completed the design for this project, including the development of plans, specifications and contract bid documents. Our structural and electrical engineers performed a site inspection and evaluated the existing substation and site conditions. A report with alternative concepts was prepared, followed by construction plans based upon the preferred alternative, a steel platform adjacent to the current substation location. The new platform is accessed with a stairway and the substation is surrounded by grating and railing. The unit substation equipment was evaluated after being de-energized. The unit substation was upgraded with circuit breaker replacement and other interior components. In addition, the substation was cleaned and painted.

Electrical scope included an evaluation of replacement and rehabilitation options for a Medium Voltage Transformer which was installed as part of the incoming service for the Atlantic Beach Bridge. LKB’s electrical engineers coordinated with PSEG LI, Nassau County Bridge Authority Facilities, and engineering and utilized the information gathered during their field survey to create a system one line for the bridge, which was essential in creating a staging plan so the bridge could stay operational during construction.

LKB’s construction support services during the construction phase included review and approval of detailed shop drawings, catalog cuts, and miscellaneous submittals for compliance with contract documents; review and responses to RFI’s (Request for Information) and Change Order Requests; and attendance of progress and project meetings.

LKB reviewed and approved a temporary power plan submitted by the contractor to provide power by utilizing two emergency generators to the buildings affected by the relocation of the transformer (unit substation).

Construction management/inspection services included overseeing all construction operations including: the installation of concrete footings, structural steel framing, steel platform grating, a steel stairway, perimeter railings and reviewing and observing the lifting operation for the placement of the unit onto the new platform.


Lawrence, NY


Nassau County Bridge Authority



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