Cedar Creek Gas Digester Handler

Cedar Creek Water Pollution Control Plant Construction Management Services – Improvements to Digester Gas Handling


LKB has been retained by Nassau County Department of Public Works to provide construction management services for this project to improve the digester gas handling equipment at the Cedar Creek Water Pollution Control Plant (WPCP). The scope of work includes the following: isolate, purge with inert fluid, and provide access to sections of the digester gas piping system; install new digester gas filtering and drying equipment and piping improvements in the Digester Complex area; install improvements to digester gas piping and digester gas pressure regulator in piping servicing plant boilers located in the tunnel area; electrical work including modifications to existing MCCs, installation of new conduit and wiring, and temporary power provisions as needed to maintain plant operations; instrumentation and control work including providing field instruments and configuring control panels; and hazardous materials survey/proper removal and disposal of any hazardous materials.

LKB’s services include detailed inspection, on-site field testing of materials and other construction activities, including field measurement and collection of data, submission of monthly and final estimates and progress reports, and preparation of record plans showing all changes from the contract plans. The construction management/inspection services include overseeing all construction operations and maintenance of plant operations.


Wantagh, NY


Nassau County Department of Public Works



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