Bridge Design-East Island Dosoris Pond Bridge


Bridge Design


LKB provides professional, comprehensive bridge design services, ranging from basic maintenance to rehabilitation, replacement, and new bridges for various types of bridge structures.

LKB's bridge design projects include rehabilitation and replacement of significant portions of existing structures, including full super-structure replacements and widening projects. Design work is performed for single and multi-span bridges, including concrete arch bridges, steel truss bridges, steel girder bridges, and moveable bascule bridges. Our expertise includes performing design and providing construction support services for these various bridge structures and their approach spans.

This type of structural work includes bridge inspection and evaluation, the preparation of a Design Report, environmental permitting, and preparation of final contract plans, specifications, and Engineer’s Construction Cost Estimate. Projects often contain traffic elements such as the development of construction sequencing and detours, to minimize the disturbance to traffic flow. Our structural engineers are ever mindful of safety as well as traffic impacts, often incorporating traffic studies to determine the optimal work zone traffic control scheme and identification of potential permanent traffic flow changes due to bridge construction.

We also perform bridge inventory and condition inspections to determine if a bridge should be replaced, rehabilitated, or repaired. This is performed for all types of bridges, for both single and multi-span structures.

LKB’s extensive bridge design experience includes local, state, and federally funded projects such as Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery (GOSR) and Locally Administered Federal Aid Projects (LAFAP) projects.

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