Rehabilitation of Warburton Avenue Bridge header
Rehabilitation of Warburton Avenue Bridge header
Rehabilitation of Warburton Avenue Bridge header

About this Project

LKB was retained by Westchester County Department of Public Works to provide design, construction support services, as well as construction management and construction inspection for this 4 span steel girder and floor beam bridge, which was constructed in 1890. The bridge carries local traffic into the Hasting-on-Hudson business district, thus requiring Work Zone Traffic Control (WZTC) that maintained traffic at all times and minimized the impact to the traveling public.

LKB performed preliminary work including an in-depth inspection, deck evaluation, load ratings and seismic analysis and the preparation of a Design Report. After design approval, preliminary and final contract plans, specifications and estimates were prepared. Design plans utilized NYSDOT standards and included the preparation of WZTC plans with stage construction and temporary detours. Upon acceptance of the contract documents, LKB provided services during the bidding phase, which included responding to inquiries from prospective bidders; review of contractors’ qualifications and references; preparation of a bid summary; and recommendation of the award to the lowest responsible and qualified bidder.

LKB’s construction support services included review and approval of detailed shop drawings, catalog cuts, and miscellaneous submittals for compliance with contract documents; review and responses to RFI’s and Change Order Requests; and progress and project meetings, as necessary.

LKB’s services included detailed inspection, on-site field testing of materials and other construction activities, including field measurement and collection of data, submission of monthly and final estimates and progress reports, and preparation of record plans showing all changes from the contract plans. The construction management/inspection services included overseeing all construction operations and the placement of WZTC.

The rehabilitation included repairing and/or replacing structural steel members, structural lifting in order to remove and replace the existing bearings, removal of the existing structural deck, replacement with a reinforced concrete deck with new deck joints, replacement of bridge rail, and performing concrete repairs to the existing abutments and piers. In addition, the cleaning and painting of the bridge, and the resurfacing of the approach roadways was performed.


Westchester County, NY


Westchester County Department of Public Works