Mission and Values


At LKB, we aim to serve stakeholders in the AEC industry by staying committed to quality and customer satisfaction. As part of the family of VERTEX companies, LKB will continue to expand our practice globally to ensure we generate career development opportunities for our colleagues. We are dedicated to supporting our communities by providing STEM-related scholarships for those in need. Through our unique POWER OF AND strategy that blends our multi-disciplined services, our work generates just, safe, sustainable, and community-enhancing outcomes for our clients.


We are dedicated to the POWER OF AND. We reject the notion that businesses need to be one way OR the other. We believe in linking uncommon behaviors and beliefs to provide unique solutions that better outcomes. It is the audacious belief that a company can be experts who care enough to create results and a great experience while remaining business-centric and environmentally friendly. Our POWER OF AND differentiation means:

We offer Constant Urgency AND Unparalleled Quality

We offer Forensic Consulting AND Traditional AEC Services

We offer Boutique Expertise AND Multi-Disciplined Solutions

We are Entrepreneurial AND Financially Stable

We are Industry Experts AND Lifetime Learners

We are Customer Centric AND Colleague Focused

We Talk the Talk AND Walk the Walk

We Care About our Clients, Colleagues AND Communities


Our core values define our daily decision making, retention, recruiting, training, and giving. They are integral to the success of our organization.

Learning: We embrace lifelong learning to maximize human potential.

Urgency: We respect our client’s time, so we operate with urgency.

Value: We desire to maximize the value we deliver to our clients every day.

Collaboration: We believe in the diversity of thought to gain accretive synergies.

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