Electrical & Mechanical Engineering


LKB has extensive experience in high and medium voltage substation design, transformer replacement and rehabilitation, generator installation for emergency backup power, and electrical power distribution systems.

We provide these electrical and mechanical engineering services to private clients, state, municipal, and public authorities for a variety of industrial, transit, commercial, educational, medical and recreational facilities. These facilities include airports, tunnels, bridges, hospitals, and parks.

Designing safe, clean and comfortable, yet cost-effective building environments is a critical part of every successful facility engineering program. Safety, energy-efficiency and cost-effectiveness are only a few of the conflicting requirements that must be balanced, while working within a strict and often complex regulatory framework.

LKB designs heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC), plumbing, and fire protection systems for commercial, public, industrial and institutional facilities. We provide mechanical engineering for high-and-low-rise office buildings, computer centers, training facilities, laboratories, industrial facilities, garages and mass transportation facilities.

Our engineering services are supported by a database network and by our in-house CADD facilities. LKB is committed to supporting its clients during all phases of construction, from bid review to commissioning.