Lehman Brothers Substation Design-Build

LKB provided engineering services including electrical, civil/site, structural design and construction support services during construction for this design-build contract.
The project entailed installation of a 69/15kV, 38/48/60MVA new substation at the Corporate Data Center, in Piscataway, New Jersey. LKB designed the power system’s one-line and three-line diagrams, relay protection schemes, and the associated substation electrical controls. Engineering services were provided for the Grounding and Lightning Protection System, using the rolling Sphere Method and IEEE STD 80-2000, to protect this critical 69kV Substation for Lehman Brothers. We were involved in the selection and application of microprocessor-based and multi-function protection relays and other auxiliary devices required for the project. In addition, LKB was responsible for the design of the substation relay and control panels internal wiring, and interconnection wiring for the entire substation. Various coordination efforts were required with the power utility for the successful completion and energization of the substation.
LKB provided structural engineering and site design for this project. The scope of work included design of grading and drainage, pipes and inlets, surface treatments, asphalt roadway, fencing, gates, and surveillance, and a containment structure. Site coordination was provided for the entire site. Our team was responsible for foundation and steel support design as well as review of boring logs for all site investigations and supervision of boring procedures and operations.
LKB’s construction support services during the construction phase included review and approval of detailed shop drawings, catalog cuts, and miscellaneous submittals for compliance with contract documents; review and responses to RFI’s (Request for Information) and Change Order Requests; and attendance of progress and project meetings, as necessary.


Piscataway, NJ


Lehman Brothers

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