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LKB completed a retaining wall restoration project on Lakeside Drive in Huntington. This project location consisted of a 20’ wide Town of Huntington roadway serving a residential area of Centerport in close proximity to Mill Pond and Centerport Harbor. The project was also situated in a well-established Bald Eagle habitat, a location that contains an open body of water which provides for an abundance of food and old-growth trees for nesting. Although no longer on the federal list of threatened or endangered species, Bald Eagles and their nests are still protected by federal laws. Accordingly, the DEC permit strictly limited construction to be accomplished during the months of October and November, which was accomplished.

In 1993, a two-tiered tied-back steel sheeting retaining wall system was constructed on private residential property to provide stability to the adjacent roadway embankment. Over time, the steel sheeting corroded to the point its replacement was necessary. The Town of Huntington retained LKB to accomplish the design, and then perform the inspection, for construction of a 100’ long x 10’ high precast concrete gravity block wall using the “ReCon” precast concrete product to replace the original steel bulkhead wall and to regrade the embankment slope from the base of the wall to the pond area.

The wall is situated in an area of deep clayey soils and perched ground water creating unsuitable foundation conditions and a major design concern for the stability of the wall. This condition was mitigated by installation of a minimum 2’ thick layer of 3/4” gravel below the wall which provide a stable base and relief of water pressure from the perched condition. The gravel was also used as backfill of the excavation behind the wall ensuring the free movement ground water under and around the wall and reducing water pressure on it.

The project not only included the design and inspection of the retaining wall, but also reconstruction of the adjacent roadway, installation of a drainage system, a new guide rail and chain link fence along the top of the wall, and plantings in the area between the fence and guide rail.

Both design and construction went smoothly, and the final product was well received by the local residents.


Lakeside Drive in Huntington, NY


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