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About this Project

LKB was retained by Nassau County Department of Public Works to provide design and construction support services for the rehabilitation of Bayville Bridge, a double leaf bascule bridge, and its approaches. Bayville Bridge is located in Oyster Bay Harbor and connects the Villages of Mill Neck and Bayville. The rehabilitation was needed as the operation of the bridge was becoming unreliable, causing frequent delays in opening, and closing the bridge. The bridge was also a hazard due to loosened concrete falling into the water below.

LKB and the County started this project in 2016 and it is scheduled to be completed in the early months of summer, 2023. To date, LKB performed investigations, prepared design reports and completed the design and construction drawings for the project. LKB also provided services during the bidding phase, including the recommendation of awarding the project to the most qualified contractor.

Construction began in 2021 and is ongoing.  Structural work elements include rehabilitating and improving the load carrying capacity of the steel and concrete approach spans and steel bascule spans, widening of the concrete and steel grate sidewalks, and replacing the approach railing and deck joints. Work below the bridge deck includes adding cover plates to the concrete encased steel girders, bearing retrofit, track girder replacement, replacing the timber fender system, repairing the stonework of the piers and abutments, and selective bridge painting.

Improvements will be made to the adjacent pocket park, including new sidewalks, benches, railings, and plantings. Electrical work elements include lighting upgrades to various bridge and fender elements and a change from a manual to a fully automated bridge lift control system. Mechanical work elements include replacing of the tread plates, tail locks, and drive and braking systems.

After 1 1/2 years into the construction portion of the project, most of the structural and site work has been completed and the mechanical and electrical equipment installation is expected to be performed in the first half of next year. Throughout these 6-year-long project, LKB has effectively teamed with Nassau County, stakeholders such as the affected villages, state, and federal environmental agencies, NYSDOT, FHWA, the contractor and the construction inspectors.

The complete bridge is scheduled to be fully operational before the 2023 summer season begins. This 540-foot-long, 8-span bascule bridge has been a great project as it includes many services that LKB provides. In addition to civil and structural engineering, this Nassau County project includes site work, environmental permitting, and landscape architecture. The project is federally, and County funded and utilizes NYSDOT local aid procedures.


Bayville, NY


Nassau County Department of Public Works