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LKB was retained by Nassau County Department of Public Works to provide services to rehabilitate this 47-year-old, 211-foot-long, double-barreled concrete box culvert that connects an inland tidal waterway with Barnum Island Channel. Each barrel has a 15-foot wide by 14-foot deep opening. The culvert supports a heavily traveled 22-foot-wide concrete roadway and over 25-feet of fill material. Scope of work included inspection, preliminary and final design, environmental permitting, a report documenting conditions, alternatives to address structural and other deficiencies (e.g. erosion, scour, deteriorated roadway pavement, sidewalk and curb), recommendations, and associated estimated costs. Contract plans included installation of a cofferdam and dewatering one barrel at a time for concrete repairs inside of the culvert.

LKB also provided construction support services during the construction phase, which included review and approval of detailed shop drawings, catalog cuts, and miscellaneous submittals for compliance with contract documents; review and responses to RFI’s (Request for Information) and Change Order Requests; and attendance of progress and project meetings, as necessary.


Nassau County, NY


Nassau County Department of Public Works



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