Holland Tunnel-Replacement of Medium Voltage Transformers

About this Project

The LKB engineering team provided engineering services to the Port Authority of NY & NJ to evaluate the replacement and rehabilitation options for twenty two (22) 15 KV medium voltage transformers at Holland Tunnel.

Most of these transformers were installed in tight spaces and the structural, civil, and traffic aspects of this project were as important as the electrical part of this project.

LKB, with the unique advantage of medium voltage electrical experience and a multi-disciplinary in-house engineering staff, successfully completed this project based on our experience in working together on electrical projects.

Our staff evaluated options for replacement and rehabilitation with consideration of future reliability, ease of construction, construction costs, and specially for this project, the critical need of staging the construction while keeping the Tunnel continuously operational.

After careful examination of the replacement and rehabilitation combinations and options, we provided the Port Authority with our engineering recommendations on the best way to proceed.

Some of the important aspects of this project that were not strictly electrical included existing conditions survey and documentation, review of historical transformer test reports, structural requirements such as egress routes and modifications necessary to remove/install transformers/transformer vaults, structural loading calculations to remove/install transformers, environmental requirements such as presence of hazardous materials in existing transformer/ transformer vaults and environmentally safe disposal techniques, maintenance and protection of traffic, modifications to existing primary and secondary transformer connections and switchgear, and the coordination with transformer manufacturers, etc.

Review and assessment of ConEd, PSE&G and NEC requirements, followed by engineering recommendations based on this review and existing conditions were also part of this transformer replacement project.


New York/New Jersey


Port Authority of NY/NJ



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