Route 114- construction inspection

D038124 Construction Inspection Services for NY 114 Paving – Stephen Hands Path to South Ferry

About this Project

LKB was retained by New York State Department of Transportation to provide construction inspection services for this federally funded and state funded paving project. The work performed included the milling of existing pavement 2” and placing 2” of new asphalt to restore the pavement riding surface to a smooth distress free condition. The scope of work also included replacement of pavement marking, traffic loops, drainage cleaning, and adjustment of utility valves, manholes, frames and covers.

The project identified and corrected existing deficient pedestrian facilities including ADA ramps and cross walks within the project limits.

This mill and fill project is approximately 8 miles in length along a portion of Route 114 in East Hampton, between Stephen Hands Path, the southern project limit and South Ferry, the northern project limit. Route 114, within the project limits, consists of 1 travel lane in the southbound direction and 1 travel lane in the northbound direction. The majority of Route 114, within the project limits, consists of asphalt pavement with asphalt shoulders combined with a dedicated bicycle lane that is adjacent to wooded areas of residential properties. The portion of Route 114 through Sag Harbor consists of asphalt pavement with asphalt shoulders, combined with a dedicated bicycle lane along with concrete curb and sidewalk, and drainage structures adjacent to residential and commercial properties. In addition to the 2” mill and fill operations to provide a smooth riding surface, the work also included placing new pavement markings, replacement of traffic loops if needed, cleaning of existing drainage structures and adjusting existing drainage grates, replacing broken grates to make bicycle-friendly, adjusting utility values and manholes, and correcting existing deficient facilities which includes ADA ramps and cross walks. Extensive coordination was necessary in order to ensure that all work was performed in a safe manner and in accordance with the contract requirements, along with planning ahead in order to avoid any traffic issues which could potentially arise during construction activities. Special attention was required to minimize any negative impacts of the work on the traveling public, adjacent properties and the construction staff.

LKB’s services included detailed inspection, on-site field testing of materials and other construction activities, including field measurement and collection of data, submission of monthly and final estimates and progress reports, and preparation of record plans showing all changes from the contract plans. The construction management/inspection services included overseeing all construction operations and the placement of Work Zone Traffic Control. LKB was responsible for monitoring contract progress and maintaining all records in accordance with the Manual of Uniform Record Keeping (MURK) and SiteManager.


Suffolk County, NY


NYS Department of Transportation



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