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Emergency Bridge Deck Replacement

VERTEX served as the Surety’s Consultant for the emergency replacement of a bridge deck over railroad tracks at the intersection of Metropolitan Avenue and Fresh Pond Road in Queens, New York. The original bridge was constructed in 1915 by the Long Island Rail Road and multiple overlays of asphalt and steel plates had been installed in the past as a means to remedy the deterioration of the bridge deck. The new ~$15M contract, labeled by the Executive Director of Community Affairs for the Department of Transportation Division of Bridges as “one of the toughest bridge projects” the area had in a very long time, including removal and replacement of the bridge deck and the approach slab, and steel framing repairs.

Following the termination of the original contractor, VERTEX administered a solicitation of the remaining work and assisted the surety in negotiating completion terms with the New York City Department of Transportation. Once a Completion Contractor was selected, VERTEX served as the surety’s representative, attending project meetings, preparing change orders and payment applications on behalf of the surety, and monitoring the project completion. The project was completed before the negotiated completion date to the satisfaction of the project stakeholders.

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This project was originally posted on LKB’s parent company website, The Vertex Companies, LLC.

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